Historical and cultural identity of different villages and towns of Ukraine


    Ukrainian folk types of peasants, townspeople, artists, teachers, engineers, students.


    Selection of carpets, embroidery, decorations, paintings, ceramics, carvings, musical instruments, folk paintings, and  toys.


    Pearls of the Kozak Baroque, sights of the wooden architecture.


    Ecological attraction.


    Laconic utilitarianism of the work tools.

Dominant and local folk types of Ukrainians.

The project that Ivan Honchar created throughout his life, during 45 years of research.

130 worksheets telling about the characteristic features of Ukrainian life.

About the project

"Ukraine and Ukrainians" is a 130-page art album that includes photographs, sketches by Ivan Honchar, and the author's own artistic font for the texts. In this way, museum workers, artists, cultural managers, and scholars want to present Ukrainian cultural heritage and visualized historical memory to the world. All regions of Ukraine are represented in the publication, but the greatest attention is paid to those areas that suffered the most from humanitarian and man-made disasters of the last century, as well as after the destruction of the current Russian-Ukrainian war. Its authors and partners address both Ukrainian and international audiences. The album is an important reference point for an active part of Ukrainian society, for everyone who is now ready to explore their ancestry and preserve the memory of it, to protect the culture and history of the Ukrainian people. It is also published for contemporary Ukrainian ethnologists, anthropologists, folklorists, museum workers, cultural studies and artists.

The current moment in Ukraine's history is dramatic and full of great potential. In the midst of a full-scale war with Russia, a radical transformation of values is underway as Ukraine formulates its new and relevant identity, finally returning to the cultural field shared with Europe and the world.

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